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2022 Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth-Distance Learning

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Program includes Chinese language, Chinese computer input techniques and network application etc.

1. The program is divided into Global Class for summer vacation and 3 regional classes.
(1) The date for each class is as follows:
a. Global Class for summer vacation: June 20th to July 29th, 2022, (6 weeks, 3 days per week, 2 hours per day, 36 hours in total).
b. Regional Class for Philippines: June 13th to July 22nd, 2022, (6 weeks, 3 days per week , 2 hours per day, 36 hours in total).
c. Regional Class for Indonesia: June 20th to July 8th, 2022, (3 weeks, 5 days per week,2 hours per day, 30 hours in total, 10am to 12pm Taiwan time (GMT+8).
d. Regional Class for Vietnam: June 27th to July 15th, 2022, (3 weeks, 5 days per week, 2 hours per day,30 hours in total, 10am to 12pm Taiwan time (GMT+8).
(2) For the Global Class, and Regional Class for Philippines, there are morning classes and afternoon classes. a. Morning class: 9 am to 11 am Taiwan time (GMT+8).
b. Afternoon class: 3 pm to 5 pm Taiwan time (GMT+8).

2. Please fill in the registration form and attach an ID photo and a copy of the passport information page. Please apply by mail, e-mail, or to the nearest overseas office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China or Culture Center of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices.

3. Eligibility
Anyone aged 12 to 24 (age calculated to the first day of class of the program signed up for), holds a passport issued by his or her country of residence or a Taiwan passport with Overseas Compatriot Identity Endorsement, currently resides overseas, has strong desire to learn Mandarin. The eligibility descriptions for Global Class and Regional Class are below:
(1)Global Class: Anyone who wants to improve their Mandarin ability and learn about Taiwanese culture; an Overseas Compatriot Card needs to be held when applying for the program.
(2)Regional Class: Anyone who wants study in Taiwan and holds an Overseas Compatriot Card; a recommendation letter from local recommendation unit needs to be submitted with the application.
If students do not have the Overseas Compatriot Card, please visit the website ( and apply for it online.