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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star– Shun Kai Yang

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Basic steps in Taiwan
Shun Kai Yang(Will Yang) was born in Kaohsiung City. Based in Indonesia he was named the "2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star" of the Overseas Community Affairs Council. Due to the transformation of the family business, "Jiuzao Industrial Co., Ltd." was established in Kaohsiung in 2014. The main businesses are the application and sales of technological nanomaterials in medical, public health, agriculture, construction and home environments. In the process he quickly accumulated practical experience in the workplace, laying an important foundation for his successful development in Indonesia.

Heading to Indonesia from China
In 2016, Will Yang's family nail factory business relocated to Indonesia from China. In 2017, PT. Cana Hardware Industrial was officially established and he served as the general manager. The core products of the company are coil nails, row nails and other products for nail guns, which are local high-end products in Indonesia at this stage. There are also Indonesian only a very small number of high-quality nail-making enterprises, therefore, in line with the pace of Indonesia's economic construction and industrial development, this industry has a huge potential market. From 2019 to 2020, the company's turnover grew more than 3-fold, of which export orders to the United States have grown more steadily. Due to the promising prospects, in 2021, Shun Kai Yang began to increase capital and expand factories, and is steadily expanding its business territory step by step, continuously increasing production capacity.

Overcomes the Covid-19 impact
Currently in Indonesia there are more than 60 employees in the company and the turnover rate is low. During the local Covid-19 epidemic, there were no cluster infections or major injuries. The company maintained normal production and operations as usual, effectively reducing the risk of losses due to the economic downturn in Indonesia, and allowing employees to live a safe life and work with peace of mind.

Joins the Indonesia ITCCJC
During the establishment of the factory in Indonesia, Will Yang had an opportunity to serve the Indonesia Taiwan Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter, ITCCJC. In December 2020 he was elected the 5th president. During the COVID-19 epidemic, all the original physical activities went online; experts and scholars were invited to present economic career development lectures to enhance the career competitiveness of members; Through online social media, Taiwan and Indonesia are continually connected, so that members and friends of Taiwanese businessmen who are separated in the two places can gather together to interact and exchange business opportunities.

Advice for chasing dreams in Indonesia
Indonesia is a country dominated by Muslim belief. Compared with ASEAN countries, it is more conservative. He recommends that, when an ambitious young man or woman comes to Indonesia for investment or employment, in addition to analysis of objective data, field visits and evaluation of cultural differences are very important. The practical experience and sharing of the local Taiwan Chamber of Commerce can greatly reduce the time and cost of adaptation. In addition to obtaining real-time and reliable information, it can also prepare people in terms of policies and laws in advance. The most important thing is exchange in the same type of industry. In addition, he also reminded Taiwanese entrepreneurs that, if they face urgent problems, the representative office in Indonesia, the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce and other overseas compatriot organizations can provide assistance and consultation, which are important and valuable for green businessmen overseas. Will Yang expressed special thanks to the Overseas Community Affairs Council for handling the selection activities for Global Young Entrepreneur Star. Through the hard work and experience shared by award-winning youth businessmen around the world, he encourages more aspiring young friends to bravely go overseas to pursue their dreams and realize themselves.

    Shun Kai Yang, OCAC "Global Young Entrepreneur Star of 2021".
    Shun Kai Yang (the right 2), OCAC "Global Young Entrepreneur Star of 2021".