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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star – Hsiao Feng Tu

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Hsiao Feng Tu is the co-founder and CEO of RDI Inc, one of the top three electronic material handling companies in the United States Midwest.

RDI focuses on providing solutions for electronics, from IT assets recycling, manufacturer recall, and data destruction to refurbishment and residential events. Clients of RDI include but are not limited to manufacturers, businesses, and the public sector. RDI owns three facilities in the Midwest, with two hundred employees. Through Mr. Tu's leadership and vision, RDI has expanded and divided into two groups, RDL and RES. As RDL (Reverse Domestic Logistic) focuses on the Midwest logistic service, RES (Reverse Energy Solutions Corp) is dedicated to the renewable energy service. 

Mr. Tu has an MBA degree from Concordia University, Wisconsin; he devoted himself to connecting international students with local businesses by hosting job matching and career events. Mr. Tu is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Taiwanese Junior Chambers of Commerce (TJCCC); and Chairperson of World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce-Junior Chapter. Mr. Tu is grateful for his origins and dedicates himself to promoting Taiwanese technologies and culture. As an entrepreneur, he is now establishing a Taiwan-based startup that will provide consulting services to local manufactories and brands for merchandise returning and recycling in North America. The startup also has the mission to source the most eco-friendly recycling technology from Taiwan to demonstrate that Taiwan is indispensable in both the beginning of the manufactory and the end of product lifespan.
Hsiao Feng Tu, OCAC "Global Young Entrepreneur Star of 2021".
Hsiao Feng Tu is the co-founder and CEO of RDI Inc.