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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star: Huang Yen-lin

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Huang Yen-lin is a modest and calm, sincere and honest young Taiwanese American from Maryland. Born and bred in Miaoli in Taiwan, he only left to study at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei at the age of 18. He original planned a career in education, however, by chance he came into contact with the area of design creativity at university and found himself to be both passionate about it and full of ideas; after graduating, he began work in the design industry. After working for two years, he heard that H20 biotech company in Maryland had a computer design related vacancy. After talking with the company's responsible person, Taiwanese-American Dr. Eugenia Bai (current OCAC commissioner for Washington DC,) he decided to give up his job and take his wife and son to Maryland in the US.

Arriving in the US in 2014, he began working as H20's website platform designer. The company mainly engages in collection of questionnaire data from human subject tests of new drugs, then provides test reports to the United States Food and Drug Administration for review to assist with planning the market release of new drugs. Huang's job is to bring together various drug knowledge and information, design various electronic form website platforms and then systematically integrate all experiment result data, providing the customer with a comprehensive drug effectiveness report. As well as having to satisfy the various demands of drug company customers, he also needs to design electronic questionnaire forms that match the needs and habits of the medical professionals of each hospital to gain drug test results quickly and precisely. The work is complex, diverse and requires in-depth communication. On the basis of his patience and diligence, Huang went from being a basic level employee to project manager, successfully assisting the company digitize its operations, reducing the financial burden. He is a valuable right hand man for his boss.

He is responsible for the important tasks of expanding businesses and developing business opportunities, to help with which he joined the Baltimore chapter of the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women. Through participation in various Taiwanese entrepreneur activities in the Washington DC area, he obtains regional business information that helps him plan future development projects as well as giving him an opportunity to expand personal connections, planting the seeds of endless possibility for his company and his own career. In the interview, Huang said that the first time he took part in a Washington DC area Taiwanese entrepreneur activity he was shocked by the number of participants and their dynamism. He never thought when he arrived in Maryland that the local Taiwanese entrepreneurs were so lively and had some close interaction and was moved by the vibrant scene; consequently, he brought his wife into the big Taiwanese and overseas compatriot entrepreneur family and began assisting with related work. He was actively involved in the 2020 Washington DC National day celebration and the 2021 procession to support Taiwan's entry in the WHA; he is also a member of the Hakka Association in Washington Metropolitan Area, taking time in his busy schedule to show love for his homeland Taiwan.

Huang said he is still at the stage in his career in which he needs to work hard and modestly says he is still a rookie compared to other overseas compatriot entrepreneurs. He has managed to find a place for himself in the bio-medical business on the strength of his Hakka determination, spirit of regarding hardship as a nutrient and a bit of luck in the vastness of the Americas. He encourages young overseas compatriot entrepreneurs to not be afraid of hardship and setbacks as there will always be difficulties in life; if you face them bravely and spend time to think about how to solve them you will find that the painful process is also a good chance to temper the self. You always have to have an optimistic attitude towards life and work. Washington Young Entrepreneur Star Huang Yen-lin has a limitless future that we all look forward to seeing.
Young Entrepreneur Star Huang Yen-lin pictured at H2O.
Young Entrepreneur Star Huang Yen-lin providing special case service to a client.

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