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FASCA-Houston to "Metaverse" Taiwanese Night Market

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The trending technology of "Metaverse" has been incorporated into the training session of FASCA-Houston. A co-organized event, the "Culture Center of TECO," was held on March 12th by three branches of FASCA-Houston (Houston, Dallas, and Austin) to ignite the creativity of its members.

FASCA mentors conducted the TECO course online, hoping to provide an unlimited interactive space for the students. They anticipated that the students would combine their learning with Taiwanese culture to create online platforms demonstrating a unique style. As an assignment, the students were appointed to create a theme for the "Taiwanese Night Market" for their next project. The FASCA team wishes that its members bring more fascinating ideas to share in the next training session.
FASCA members tested their avatar roles on the GOXR platform.