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CTTCC-JC holds Economic and Trade Seminar on Investments under Global Inflation

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As global inflation continues to rise, not only are the people feeling pinched by rising prices, even central banks around the world have started raising interest rates. Cape Town Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in South Africa - Junior  (CTTCC-JC) held an Economic and Trade Seminar at its office on February 19th, 2023, to help its youth members better understand methods to hedge against inflation under rising interest rates. Investment expert Cani Chuang was invited as the main speaker, over 70 Taiwanese businesses and youth members attended the Seminar. 

President of CTTCC-JC, Ya-Fan Wang, first expressed appreciations to the attending Taiwanese businesses and youth members, and further stated that CTTCC-JC would continue to consolidate elites in the business sector to hold various seminars with the aim of assisting Taiwanese businesses start up companies and improve business competitiveness overseas. He then introduced the main speaker Cani Chuang, who has a solid theoretical background acquired from a BA in Economics and MA in Business Management at the University of the Free State, South Africa, and who also has extensive practical business experience as founder of the HSTM & Cani & Co. 

Chuang analyzed the global political and economic situation, the current problems in South Africa, the monetary and fiscal policies as the central banks adjust interest rates, and the transformation of the PARADIGM SHIFT model. He also detailed the financial turmoil over the past thirty years, and how the dollar and the real estate market has evolved. He further talked about how to beat the odds in the pandemic era and create wealth, and also discussed comprehensive investment plans under current inflation scenarios. His presentation was well organized with focused key points, greatly benefitting participants whom all listened attentively and raised questions eagerly; the interaction and exchanges lasted long after the presentation was over. 

Director General David Lin of Taipei Liaison Office in Cape Town praised Cape Town Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce for assisting the CTTCC-JC  in holding the Economic and Trade Seminar, he also thanked the main speaker Chuang for his expertise sharing and helping Taiwanese compatriots overseas make better investment plans. President Kuo-Yang Wang of Cape Town Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in pledged to continue helping the CTTCC-JC in growing its services so that generation succession could be completed. First Assistant Director Lisa Lee of TLO in Cape Town also introduced the I-Compatriot Card to attending youth businesses, encouraging them to apply for the Card. Participants to the event included Deputy President Lancelot Lee, Tony Chang, Supervisor Paul Lee, Michael Lin, Chloe Lee, William Wu, and Winston Chiu.

CTTCC-JC was established on July 24, 2022, under the African Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Youth League and Cape Town Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce . It aims to connect second generation overseas businesses, jointly promote business development, and facilitate Taiwan-African economic and trade relations and exchange of business opportunities. The OCAC welcomes all youth businesses in the African region to join CTTCC-JC. 
Cani Chuang speaking on economics and trade and investments.
CTTCC-JC President Ya-Fan Wang's remarks.
Director General David Lin of TLO in Cape Town (left) presenting speaker Cani Chuang (right) with a souvenir.
Participants listening attentively to the speaker.