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Overseas cultural seed teachers improve their teaching skill online to continue to promote Taiwanese culture.

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Learning continues in the pandemic! The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) organized the 2022 Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program to continue enhancing overseas cultural seed teachers' teaching skills and online teaching capabilities during COVID-19 pandemic. The program content was presented through live broadcast and the E-Learning Platform by the undertaking unit the Open University of Kaohsiung from July 11th to 29th in 2022. A total of 79 participants from 32 regions in 19 countries around the world signed up for the Program. The trainees were full of praise for Program overall, including for the teachers and for the schedule.

Through synchronous online digital courses, seed teachers from all over the world could synchronously interact with teachers in Taiwan, and they could learn repeatedly on the E-Learning Platform to improve learning effectiveness. This Program arranged general knowledge courses, including Taiwan's indigenous culture and the innovative design of online and physical overseas cultural activities. In addition, in the area of folk cultural skills, various practical courses were planned including Hakka Plant Dyeing, dynamic Amis indigenous tribe dance, and Plastic Diabolo Ring, which is popular with learners overseas. The Program's closing ceremony was held online on July 29th. The sharing of trainees' thoughts on participation and works was arranged in the event to display the learning achievements of the trainees.

Roy Yuan-rong Leu, Vice Minister of OCAC, delivered a speech in the closing ceremony in which he congratulated the trainees on completing the 3-week overseas Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program. All the videos of this course will also be posted on the OCAC's HuayuWorld website ( for reference any time in the future. Everyone is invited to make good use of Taiwan's high-quality digital teaching resources to promote Taiwan so that the world can hear us and see the cultural diversity and inclusion in Taiwan.

OCAC Vice Minister Roy Yuan-rong Leu delivered a speech to encourage the trainees.
The trainees participated in the closing ceremony and engaged in lively discussion.
Hands-on course : Hakka Plant Dyeing.
Plastic Diabolo Ring online-course.
Amis indigenous tribe dance online-course.