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Taiwan wins big at annual U.K. marmalade competition

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2023 Dalemain World Marmalade Award-winning Taiwanese producers pose for a group photo with the Republic of China (Taiwan) flag at the awards ceremony in London. Photo courtesy of Sonfruit International / Ning yuhsiang

London, March 26 (CNA) Artisanal marmalades from four Taiwanese producers made a splash at the latest edition of an annual United Kingdom marmalade award on Saturday.

Products from Taiwan won approximately 20 gold, silver and bronze awards at the Artisan Competition of the 2023 Dalemain World Marmalade Awards, part of the World's Original Marmalade Awards & Festival.

In addition, one submission from Taiwan was crowned a "Double Gold Savoury Winner," one of the three double gold awards that are the most prestigious accolades at the annual event.

The double gold award was won by Nantou County-based Lohas Edibles Rose Garden with an orange marmalade made using Kinmen kaoliang.

As the win was the company's second consecutive double gold, the first being a rose imbued orange marmalade, the award organizers invited the Taiwanese company to the U.K. to receive the award in person.

Moreover, in accordance with the bylaws of the event, the company also became eligible to select a representative to serve on next year's panel of jurors.

Lohas Edibles Rose Garden also picked up silver and bronze awards with its Kinmen Kaoliang marmalade and other marmalades made with honey extracted from roses, the flowers of lychee fruit and Wenshen Paochong tea powder.

Other winning brands from Taiwan included Sonfruit International, Nongtian Cultural and Creative Studio as well as Keya Jam.

One of the ingredient used by Keya Jam received a specific mention from chef Dan Lepard, chairman of this year's panel of jurors.

Speaking with CNA, Lepard addressed Keya Jam's use of citrus taiwanica, also known as Nansho Daidai sour orange.

Lepard said Keya Jam's pure sour orange marmalade received 27 out 30 points because it had "a unique taste that was refreshing" and noted that it was very well made and delicious.

Lepard also praised the company's sour orange marmalade infused with honey extracted from the flowers of longan fruit, saying that the jam was both "breathtaking" and "filled with balanced yet layered flavors."

Nansho Daidai sour oranges are an endangered strain of Indigeneous oranges that have been a focus of the Forestry Bureau's restoration program since 2021.

The bureau provided more than 20 of the sour oranges to Keya Jam for use in research and development.

Keya, the founder and owner of the company, likened the potential of sour oranges to yuzu, which is now a staple in Japan, adding that if promotion correctly it could become a citrus mascot for Taiwan internationally.

The awards ceremony was held on the evening of March 25, with the festival which celebrates the annual event scheduled for April 22.

As the main sponsor of the event is Fortnum & Mason, an historical department store founded in 1707, brands that receive accolades at the awards will also have their marmalades featured at Fortnum & Mason stores.

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