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Visit Taiwan

Promoting Taiwan’s high quality tourism is one of the government’s important policies at present. The most effective way of attracting visitors to utilize the advantage of the overseas community interpersonal network to bring overseas competitors and overseas friends to Taiwan to experience its beauty and progress. The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) helps promote Taiwan tourism through active promotion in various ways through its overseas representative office. The overseas compatriot/Taiwanese chambers of commerce system and their organizational power are used to encourage overseas compatriot and Taiwanese enterprises to form groups to visit Taiwan and have it as the destination for company travel. Overseas compatriots are encouraged to return for National Day celebrations in October every year and to take the chance to travel in Taiwan. A well as the main island, visiting overseas compatriots also travel to Penghu, Kinmen and Mazu and other outlying islands, enhancing their understanding of Taiwan and increasing domestic tourist to economically benefit related industries. Also, the OCAC introduced the Overseas Compatriot Card (OCC) in the National Day period in 2017; as of the end of 2019, 3200 businesses in Taiwan and overseas had signed up as specially engaged businesses. As well as bringing more custom to the businesses operated by Taiwanese and oversea compatriots in domestic and overseas, it has also brought overseas compatriots and government closer together. During the October National Day celebration period this year, 614 domestic OCC specially engaged businesses gave special offers to OCC holders, attracting overseas compatriots to visit for tourism, promoting domestic consumption and helping the tourism industry develop.

    In 2019, more than 6000 overseas compatriots registered to take part in ROC National Day celebrations (the photograph shows the busy scenes at the OCAC repistration center)
    Overseas compatriots from Singapore and Indonesia visited Taipei 101
    Overseas compatriots from Malaysia visited Sun Moon Lake
    Overseas compatriots from Malaysia visited Sun Moon Lake
    Overseas compatriots from Malaysia visited Sun Moon Lake
    The Overseas Compatriot Card program is combined with the tourism industry and promotes visitor spending