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Government prepares measures to ensure safe and normal operation in face of recent developments

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Government prepares measures to ensure safe and normal operation in face of recent developments

The Executive Yuan held a press conference Wednesday, attended by the heads of relevant ministries and agencies, to outline the government's response strategies and concrete actions following recent political and economic developments. Executive Yuan Spokesperson Lo Ping-cheng said the government must prepare and implement appropriate measures to counter the industry disruption created by China's import bans on various Taiwanese farming and fishery products and food brands, the digital security risks generated by foreign cyberattacks, and the impacts on air and sea transport caused by China's military exercises in the waters surrounding Taiwan.

Spokesperson Lo said that Premier Su Tseng-chang directed relevant ministries and agencies Wednesday to put forth concrete actions and response strategies that will ensure land, sea and air transportation remain secure and unimpeded; strengthen cybersecurity in the public and private sectors; maintain public order; combat disinformation; and stabilize the normal operation of industries, the economy and financial markets.

Additionally, Premier Su instructed competent authorities to help industries cope with the impacts. The public and private sectors should work together and join hands to block inappropriate external interference, thereby ensuring society continues to function normally.

Spokesperson Lo reiterated that the government has proficient experience in national security, cybersecurity defense, disinformation control and critical infrastructure reinforcement. Measures are also in place to stabilize the economy and calm financial markets. All ministries, agencies and departments are accustomed to operating the relevant mechanisms and are fully prepared to handle any changes in the situation.

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