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Premier: Local elections demonstrate resilience of Taiwan's democracy

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Premier: Local elections demonstrate resilience of Taiwan's democracy

The 2022 nine-in-one local elections concluded without incident on November 26. At Thursday's Cabinet meeting, Premier Su Tseng-chang thanked all Taiwanese who participated in the elections for once again demonstrating the resilience of Taiwan's democracy. The premier also thanked the Central Election Commission, local election authorities and all election workers, in addition to prosecutorial, police, investigatory and anti-corruption authorities for their hard work, and sent his congratulations and well wishes to all of the successful candidates.

The government's work is never done, and there is no such thing as a vacation, the premier said. Especially now, to meet public expectations and confront challenging circumstances at home and abroad, the government must strive ever harder and keep advancing forward. The premier pledged that his administrative team will seriously examine and reflect upon the results of these elections, humbly and sincerely recognizing the public's higher demands and expectations, and continue to make a united effort to work for the nation and serve the people.

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