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Taiwan To End Quarantine , September 23, 2022

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Interest in trips overseas spikes as Taiwan prepares to end mandatory quarantine for arrivals. And the Central Bank rasises Taiwan's interest rate for the third time this year. Plus, southern Taiwan is seeing more tourists as people change plans after Sunday's quake rocked the east coast. Also in the show:
- Taiwan Sign Language in the spotlight
- U.S. Congress introduces new Taiwan arms bill
- A Czech delegation signs multiple deals with Taiwan
- Taiwan's young people get involved with diplomacy

00:00 - Top Stories
00:54 - Taiwan To End Quarantine
02:18 - Taiwan's Mask Mandate To Stay
03:11 - Taiwan Raises Interest Rates Again
06:40 - Congress Introduces Taiwan Arms Bill
07:24 - Taiwan To Tighten Rules for Prisoners
08:14 - South Sees Tourism Surge
09:59 - East Coast Earthquake 
12:40 - Czech Delegation Signs Chip MOU
13:13 - Russia Mobilization Prompts Exodus 
14:15 - Taiwan Sign Language in the Spotlight 
18:51 - Police Nab Human Traffickers
19:47 - China Steel Express Labor Dispute
20:35 - Taiwan Youth Diplomacy

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